Dashboards compliance and enforcement policy

Closed 24 Feb 2023

Opened 24 Nov 2022


Pensions dashboards are digital services (apps, websites or other tools) which savers will be able to use to see their pension information in one place.

The Pensions Dashboards Regulations 2022 introduced new duties on certain trustees and scheme managers to enable dashboards to function and new powers for us to regulate these duties. The legislation also includes new powers for us to pursue third parties where we are of the opinion that they have caused the scheme to be in breach of the Dashboards Regulations.

The draft compliance and enforcement policy sets out expectations for trustees and scheme managers to achieve compliance, as well as providing clarity on our approach to enforcement in the event of a breach of legislation.

This consultation is for the trustees and scheme managers of occupational pension schemes in scope of the Dashboards Regulations, as well as their advisers, service providers, relevant employers and anyone who may be subject to our policy.

We welcome comments on any aspect of the draft content of the policy and have provided specific questions on certain areas of interest.

Read the draft policy and consultation document on The Pensions Regulator website.


  • Administrators
  • Legal professionals
  • Master trust providers
  • Public service scheme managers, board members
  • Trustees of defined benefit schemes
  • Trustees of defined contribution schemes
  • Scheme members/savers


  • Administration of pension schemes
  • Dashboards
  • Governance of pensions schemes